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Sliding Replacement Patio Doors – Orange County

Best Replacement Window Orange County by Tough Turtle Windows is your trusted place for quality sliding patio doors at affordable prices. When you think about patio doors, you most likely envision sliding patio doors, and may have even played with one as a child, sliding the door open and closed. Not only is this popular style of patio door easy to use and very functional, it has a plethora of benefits that make it an attractive option for Orange County homeowners. Patio doors can improve the health and atmosphere of your home, so if you’re thinking of installing a patio door to lead to your outdoor space, consider some of the following facts:

    • Natural Light:

Let in the Vitamin D! Patio doors let in a large amount of natural sunlight as opposed to a regular style door. This increases energy levels and also improves your body’s circadian rhythm for a better night’s sleep. Fight the seasonal blues by letting on all of that gorgeous California sunshine.

    • Gorgeous Views:

The most obvious reason that sliding patio doors are a great option is for the beautiful views it creates of your backyard paradise. Without the thick or opaque frame of a regular door, you can see the great outdoors from the comfort of your home, bringing some of the outdoors in. Watch for pets and children easily through the wide, spacious view of a sliding patio door.

    • Save Space:

You don’t have to worry about feeling crunched for space with a sliding door because it doesn’t swing in or out. This is great for small home or small patios. Feel free to place an outdoor table set near your home or use the hallway or room space inside of the door because there’s no extra space needed to operate the patio door.

    • Energy Efficient:

Sliding doors are perfect for leaving open during the summer months to let in cool air, which means you can go easy on the A/C for awhile. Patio doors can save you money when it comes time for heating and cooling bills.

Sliding patio doors also come in French style, which you can read about on our site. There are many different brands of patio doors you can choose from and our friendly experts will help you make the right decision for your home. Many patio doors also come with warranties to certify their durability. This kind of entryway is best for those looking to save money and make an impact all at once.

At Tough Turtle Windows, we have years of experience with sliding patio doors and love sharing tips and information with our clients about industry trends and offerings. You can trust us as a professional door installer to deliver you with a stylish, affordable option for your replacement patio door. We encourage you to call us today to receive a personalized quote.

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