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Replacement Single Hung Windows – Orange County

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Best Replacement Windows Orange County by Tough Turtle Windows is your source for quality single hung windows at low prices. Single hung windows open vertically from the bottom sash while the top sash stays perfectly intact. Single hung windows don’t use interior space, so they’re great for residences with tight space availability.

This simple design makes them incredibly space and highly resistant to intruders, while allowing you to fit your tight budget so there’s room for the rest of your home renovation.

With such a popular option that offer the best of both world, you may find that a single-hung window is the best option for one or all of the rooms in your home.

Benefits of Single Hung

Here are just a few of the amazing benefits when you choose to replace your windows:

  • Increased Security: This style of window opens in one direction (up) and has a single lock, so it’s much easier for you to remember to lock your window, making it difficult for a child to open or someone on the exterior of your home to find access inside.
  • Space Saver: Single hung windows don’t open inside like sliders do, so it’s not necessary to have space around the inside of your windows. This means they’re superb options for small homes or small rooms like dens, bathrooms, apartments, etc. You can enjoy plenty of fresh air and sunlight worrying about space.
  • Cost Savings: Because there are fewer moving parts involved with single-hung windows, the price to buy and install them are often much lower than their counterparts, such as double-hung windows.
  • Options on Options: It may seem like a single hung window is about as simple–and dull–as it gets, but the possibilities when it comes to look and design are endless. You can choose your trim and finish as well as the overall shape of the window itself: Eyebrow (features a curved top edge), Special shape (choose from a variety of geometric shapes, Arch (rounded at the top and shaped like a half-circle, or Gothic (sharper and less circular arch).
  • Energy Efficient: This window style is also a great option for homeowners looking to save money because there are less chances for air to filter through with only one moving sash. This means moisture and cold or hot air won’t enter your home and increase the need for heating or cooling costs.

Tough Turtle Windows has installed countless single hung windows throughout the Orange County, CA area. Our team is ready to assist you in choosing the brand, color and materials for your home to fit the style and architecture of your residence. As a professional replacement window installer, we’re trusted and preferred to create a stylish, affordable option for your replacement windows. Single-hung is perfect for a simple, small room at a great price and we encourage you to call us today to receive a personalized quote.

Single Hung Window Products

We offer and install the very best name brand replacement windows and doors in Orange County, CA. Here are the following brands we offer in single hung windows

  • Simonton
  • View Guard

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