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We know how exciting it can be to finally have a patio in your backyard. Patios are great places to cook, eat, lounge and entertain. Nothing goes with a patio quite like a stunning patio door. Choosing the right door will determine what kind of entrance you create to welcome guests into your outdoor space, and the kind of functionality you’d like to have. Not all patio doors are created the same, and once you consider your options, you’ll have a better feel for which one will enhance your home the most.

Tough Turtle Windows knows what it takes to have a truly beautiful patio door. With so many options on your lap, it’s important to keep in mind that replacement doors aren’t a simple matter of grabbing the first set set of sliding doors you see. There are many benefits and disadvantages that go into this decision and it’s one you want to make with full confidence. Patio doors can be standard or as customized as you’re willing to go, so be sure to share your ideas with our technicians during your at-home quote.

As you decide which patio door is right for you, ask yourself as few questions: would you like your door to swing, slide or fold? Would you prefer a French style to a traditional style? What kind of glass should your door have? Consider the material of the door and the architecture of your home. You want a patio door that makes a statement but still fits in with the rest of your design.

If you are replacing an existing door, it’s best advised to determine what you currently like or dislike about your door. Do you want something more contemporary in looks but the same style, or are you opting to transition from a swing door to a sliding door? How important is UV protection and energy efficiency in your patio door selection? Ask your door provider to show you the top-rated windows for the styles you desire, and remember that sticker price doesn’t always determine which brand of patio doors are the best. A more affordable door system could prove more durable than a very expensive door and vice versa. Do your research and shop around.

As an experienced patio door provider, we can answer all of your questions about patio door brands and styles. We carry high quality material and doors such as View Guard, AMSCO, Simonton and more. We also provide you with helpful information about any details such as Low-E glass and the difference between vinyl, aluminum, fiberglass and wood doors.

Choose from various styles of patio doors such as French sliding, French swing, sliding doors and entry doors. Having a solid idea of what you need or even an example will help streamline the process of replacing your door or installing a new one. You can trust our team to listen to your needs and assist with determining the style that fits your needs so you can be confident in your project.

Read our pages on patio doors styles to learn more about the benefits of each door and call us with all your patio door-related questions.
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